Top 7 IPTV Subscription websites – Good Value for Money

By | November 12, 2018

The biggest sporting event of the year is around the corner and I am going to help you choose the right IPTV subscription package, so you can just sit down and enjoy watching all 64 games on your screen hassle free. There are many premium IPTV subscription services online and it is not easy to pick the right one. I hope after reading this article you will make the right choice and get the package that fits best your requirements and budget. Let’s get started!

1. Premium IPTV

PremiumIPTV is the first service I wanted to share with you. They offer 6000+ (including UK) premium sports and entertainment channels. They also offer VOD and Full EPG as well as 14-day catchup archive. Premium IPTV is available on Android IPTV boxes, Enigma2, most SmartTV’s and many more, so wherever you are you have full access to your package. Their pricing starts from €12.99/m for Sport or Entertainment package. You can also get a free trial for testing before you decide to purchase full package.

In case of any question or issues they run 24/7 email support so you are fully covered.

2. Magic IPTV


Magic IPTV provides you with over 2000 channels and 1400 VOD and cover UK, USA, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, India/Pakistan, Arabic and many more. The good thing is they provide you with their own free Android App for ease of use and are also available on Enigma2 and all good known Android IPTV boxes, Smart TVs, PC and Mac. If you want to test it out you can get a 72hrs trial for only £2.64(€2.99). The premium packages start from €14.99 for 1 month sub. They also have in offer packages that includes Android IPTV box paired with subscription. The boxes they offer are MAG 254, MAG 256 and Zgemma. The cheapest package starts at €165.99 for a MAG254 box and 12 months subscription, which seems a good deal. If you need to contact them with any queries, their email ticketing support is at your service 24/7.


Read more about Android IPTV Boxes and which one to choose in my other article.


3. Quality IPTV sub


QualityIPTVsub is another IPTV subscription provider that offers UK/US/Europe channels with full EPG, VOD & Movies and Entertainment. QualityIPTVsub is fully compatible with Smart TV’s, Smart IPTV, MAG, Zgemma, Iphone, Android, Phones, VLC and Enigma2 and many more. You can get a 24hrs trial for £2.99. Their subscription packages start from £11.95/m and they provide you with installation support which is great if you’re not an expert and need some more detailed guidance.

4. Happy IPTV


Happy IPTV have over 4500 channels on offer from all over the world including UK, US and VOD. Their cheapest package starts at €19.99/m or €15.00 if you’re not interested in Adult channels. They also have Skype/email/live chat support open 24/7 and what’s the most important their 24hrs trial is absolutely free. You can test them out before you buy not spending any penny. They service is available on Android IPTV boxes(MAG), Enigma2, Smart TV’s, android and iOS devices and more.

5. Grand IPTV


Grand IPTV seems very reasonable service at a low cost. Their starting package costs £13.99 and it covers over 400 channels and 750 VOD for one device. They have dedicated official Android app which is a big plus. Supported devices are: Android IPTV box, Enigma2 set top box, MAG, Smart TV, Windows, Mac and Linux PC. They’re currently running a limited offer of Life Time access for £149 and Multiroom access for £99/12 months. You can contact Grand IPTV support through skype chat or whatsapp app. Same as CastTV they do not use SSL secured connection on their site but lets hope that will change in the near future.

6. Buyonlineiptv


Buyonlineiptv is one of the biggest providers offering their users over 9000 channels and over 2000 VOD. This is huge amount and should satisfy anyone wherever you’re based. Their cheapest package starts with just €10 and with that amount of channels and VODs you really get value for money. They also give detailed instructions on how to install their service on your device. The devices list is very long and include Kodi, Enigma2, Android boxes, Amazon Fire stick, MAG box, Openbox and many more. There is a contact form if you have any more questions or need help with installation. I think Buyonlineiptv is one of the best providers and definitely worth trying.

7. Strong IPTV


The last provider I wanted to share with you is Strong IPTV. They have over 5000 channels and over 2000 VOD on offer and their cheapest package starts from £15. Quick support is included in price as well as HD quality. The service works on Enigma2, Android/iOS devices including Android IPTV boxes, Smart TV, PC and Mac. They have FAQ section if you need more help and a Blog updated regularly with the latest news.


I hope the above list will help you choose the best IPTV subscription service and if you want to add anything or have a question let me know in the comments below. Remember to subscribe to not miss any new posts and get the best deals straight to your inbox. If you liked this article, share it with your friends through social media or email. Thanks for reading and until next time!

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    Hi This is a great service and I used for a long time but I have a new supplier these are very good with instant activation. I only changed due to the price.


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