TOP 5 IPTV M3U Playlist websites

By | March 11, 2018

Today I am going to share with you a TOP 5 websites which provide IPTV M3U playlists for your Kodi or any other media player. The web is full of sites that deliver IPTV M3U playlist but many of them are just spammy bastards waiting for you to visit their site, click some ads and not giving you what you really came for.

After few similar my own failures I decided to compile a list of sites worth visiting, because they really deliver and are updated daily with fresh, new IPTV M3U playlist. I hope the list below will help you find the right service for your IPTV streaming box or whatever you use to watch those feeds.

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Looking for IPTV Subscription package deal? Read my article TOP 7 IPTV Subscription websites and Watch World Cup with IPTV.


5. Iptv Links


On the 5th position in my opinion a good source of IPTV M3U playlists links. Channels from various countries available including the UK and Germany. To my knowledge they update the playlist on regular basis and their links are good quality streams. Definitely worth giving a try. On the downside I noticed there is some kind of malicious script running while browsing, so make sure you use a good antivirus/antimalware software before visiting this site.

4. Fresh IPTV

Fresh IPTV

4th place is taken by service. They offer much more than just IPTV M3U playlists, go visit yourself and see what they provide. They basically cover all over the world so anyone should be satisfied. Nice design, very easy to browse through pages and what’s the most important thing their playlists are of very good quality and updated daily. For your convenience there is a search bar and also tags on the right sidebar, so you should very quickly find what you’re looking for.

3. Fluxus TV

Fluxus TV

Third place and well deserved TOP3 goes for They not only offer IPTV M3U playlist but also have good database of movies. They’re maybe not updating the links daily, but when they do it is really worth a try. They are available in Spanish if someone is interested. I like their website and easy of use including the menu and sidebar. Recently they celebrated 1st anniversary, I wish them well and hope they will stay with us for long.

2. Cafe TV

Cafe TV

Number 2 on the list belongs to This is great resourse and they definitely deserve being in TOP3. Nice looking site with well organized menu and they even offer links to live online streams tv on their site. I am happy to share this with you as this is one of the most popular IPTV M3U playlist website available online. You will like it from day one, I am sure of it. There is even a dedicated section for KODI which makes this website complete. That’s definitive addon to your bookmarks, no doubt.

1. Daily IPTV List


Here is the winner and the best online resource for IPTV M3U playlist! Anyone who’s in “the business” for quite some time now probably at least once came across this website. For sure they are most popular and well known IPTV service online. It has everything, not mentioning the content, which is updated daily and it is HUGE! What’s more the links are of the highest quality and will never disappoint you. Keep that in mind next time you’re pissed off wasting lots of time, fighting with not working/dropping or just dead links. Their menu is neat and tidy and easy to navigate. Posts include instruction on how to make the most of their IPTV M3U links, so you will never go wrong. Well deserved first place and hopefully they will keep up the good work.



I hope the above list will help you choose the right site for your IPTV M3U playlist needs. REMEMBER if you already have a M3U list and want to convert it to ENIGMA2 go to my M3U to Enigma2 bouqet converter page, where you can convert your list for free. If you want to add anything or have a question let me know in the comment below. I hope you liked this article and if you want to say “thank you”, share this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. You can also subscribe to my newsletter below and be up to date with all the news and offers.



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