Ivacy VPN Review 2018

By | November 27, 2018

Many of you may never heard about Ivacy VPN, but for those who dug deeper into VPN world they are well known and reputable company. Would you believe they keep you secured since 2007, so almost 12 years on the market. They have to be good if they survived that long. I wanted to check that and decided to test them out and share my findings with you.

What Ivacy VPN has to offer?

Headquartered in Singapore they cover 100+ locations around the globe from over 450 servers. What’s good there is no bandwidth limit, so you can stream, browse and download as much gigabytes of data as you want. Complete internet freedom. You probably don’t know that, but it was Ivacy who invented Split Tunneling, the feature that allows you to choose which apps/software you want to go private and which not.

Ivacy VPN Features

What I really liked on their desktop app was the option to choose one of many ready to use streaming packages such as BBC, ITV, Amazon Prime, Canal+ and many many more. It’s called simply “Streaming”. You just pick what you want to watch and Ivacy will take care of the rest connecting you to appropriate server location, opening browser window for you and “tuning” your favourite tv channel or streaming package. Another great feature is Secured Download, they will make sure you are secured while downloading anything to your hard drive.

Ivacy VPN Security and No Logs Policy

Ivacy VPN takes your privacy very seriously, their no logs policy is very strict and would you believe only your email address is kept on their servers. Nothing more than that! Amazing!  256-bit Data Encryption is also on offer which is a standard these days. Whenever you connect to any public WIFI they will make sure you are 100% secured and can browse anonymously. You can choose what protocol to use, whether you need PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, OpenVPN or IKEv2 you’re pretty much covered as they offer them all.

Ivacy VPN security and no log policy

Ivacy VPN Available on All Platforms

As you can see from the screenshot below Ivacy VPN can be fired up on nearly every major platform or device, including their long awaited latest addition of Chrom and Firefox browser extensions. Their apps are pretty straight forward and easy to use. No issues with installation, it was rather quick and what I already mentioned above I really liked the option of choosing my favourite streaming service from menu instead choosing the server, connecting, opening browser, logging in etc etc.. no more time wasting, just start watching your favourite show. Sounds like Kodi, but better, because it’s secured!

Ivacy VPN For Any Device

That’s not all! They also support Linux, Blackberry, Smart TV, routers, consoles and KODI, which is great news for streaming freaks. By the way I tested Ivacy VPN with Kodi and have to say I am pretty impressed with the speed. I was able to stream in near HD quality for almost an hour without any issues. Of course it all depends on your location and what server you picked. Noticed that Asian servers were performing relatively slower than European or US. As I am based in Western Europe and this might be the reason.

Very Good Support

For any issues or questions you may have their support is at your disposal 24/7 on chat or if you prefer you can submit a request through their email address or contact form. Their support is top notch, I can’t complain at all. They really know the stuff, are willing to help and were always quickly answering my queries or emails.

our service

Ivacy on Enigma2 through OpenVPN

I haven’t tested it yet with Enigma2 but I promise to do it and will commit separate article if it works. Provided they support Linux and OpenVPN I am pretty sure it works well on Enigma2 boxes as well.

Get Ivacy VPN

Speed Test

As with any other VPN I performed a speed test to see how fast Ivacy VPN connects to various servers around the globe. Here are the results:


Connected to UK server -> UK

Speed Test

UK -> US

Speed Test-uk-us

UK -> Asia

Speed Test-uk-asia

US(New York) based server


Asian(South Korea) based server


The speed test performed well and I can tell European and US servers are the fastest. Ping to Asian servers was little bit too high and also the time it took to perform the test was longer than other EU and US. Overal, I am very happy, as I am not into Asian servers too much, I do not bother their speed.


Ivacy VPN is not pricy at all, their pricing is well balanced and you can grab a good deal very often, so check back their site. Right now they run Cyber Monday Special, if you sign up for 2 years, you’re getting one year for FREE and it cost just $2.25/m which is less than half of a pint! That’s 77% OFF, great deal! You can take it for a spin for up to 30 days, as they offer 30 days Monday Back Guarantee – No Questions Asked.



To sum this up Ivacy VPN scores very high in my review. The speed is satisfactory and their pricing places them among the cheapest VPNs on the market. When you add to this great customer service, support to all major platforms, strict no logs policy and lots of great features you will get real good value for money. I highly recommend Ivacy VPN for anyone looking for cheap but quality VPN service.



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