How to setup NordVPN on Enigma2 boxes

By | March 29, 2018

I am going to share with you quick tutorial on how to setup NordVPN on Enigma2 boxes using NordVPN files and OpenVPN app. This is really easy for someone who knows the stuff and shouldn’t take longer than couple of minutes max.

What you need:

Preparing the files for upload

Once you downloaded and installed all software you need, unzip NordVPN and open any ovpn file with Notepad++. Look for line auth-user-pass (should be around line 31) and change it to auth-user-pass password.conf, then save your file as client.conf.

It is very important to do this after opening the file. If you rename the ovpn file before opening in Notepad++ you may corrupt it and make unusable. Next open new file in Notepad++ and on the very top put your NordVPN login details like so:

Then save this file as password.conf.

Using Filezilla or any other FTP client upload both files client.conf and password.conf to your box to etc/openvpn folder and reboot the box. Next run OpenVPN app, Activate it and hit Start. Your IP should now change to the location you edited server for. i.e. for any uk server edit any file starting with uk like so:

  • – for TCP port 443 or
  • – for UDP port 1194 (more stable in my opinion)

Now run PuTTY or SSH, log in to your box and check your ip using this command:

  • wget -qO-;echo

Stop running OpenVPN on your box and check your IP again, if it’s different than previous one that means your setup is correct.

Final note:

For better stability you can put: auth-retry nointeract exactly below auth-user-pass password.conf in your client.conf file. Also if you spot any issues add that:

log /etc/openvpn/openvpn.log

on line 40 and you would be able to see the logs and know straight away what’s going on.

Regardless of that if you have encountered any issues during setup let me know in the comments below and I can try to help you out with your box. Other than that you should be good to go and if you liked this tutorial share it with friends and friends of friends. 🙂 I am going to test couple of other VPNs like IPVanish, VyprVPN or ExpressVPN on Enigma2 in my next articles, so keep in touch.


13 thoughts on “How to setup NordVPN on Enigma2 boxes

  1. John-Claud Lau

    Very instructive article but I would just like to add a couple of points for the benefit of new users

    (1) It would probably be better to use an ovpn file for your country, e.g. choose an ovpn file beginning with uk if you are in the UK

    (2) You may have to create the etc/openvpn folder

  2. jay


    am getting error about password.conf is not group.

    in log screen

    can you help?

    1. satfan Post author

      Hi Jay, Sorry for the late reply. Make sure you didnt skip any steps and your password.conf file has been created exactly as I wrote in tutorial. It should work out of the box, if you still having issues let me know what box you have and I may be able to help you. Thanks.

  3. Thomas

    Thank you for this guide. It works great! I have some questions though. What do TCP or UDP ports mean for the purpose of VPN? Do I have to port-forward, for example, port 1194 for a UDP server in my router? I need NordVPN in my Sunray 800 SE because my Internet provider filters IPTV contents. I live in Italy and chose the fastest VPN server in my country but still when the streaming starts it is not fluid but after a moment it is perfect (I have not tested it yet for a long time, so I cannot say whether the streaming is always good or if it has some problem). I have done a speed test in the Sunray and the DL speed was around 5 Mbps (I did one at first using my iPhone and the speed was around 60 Mbps) while the UP speed was about 4 Mbps. Does this depend from the Sunray that is old? What do you suggest for the best streaming experience using NordVPN in openvpn? Thank you in advance for the reply! 🙂

    1. satfan Post author

      Hi Thomas, TCP and UDP are both transfer protocols and do the same thing. Each has pros and cons and for some TCP may work better, for others it may be UDP. In genaral UDP ports are much faster than TCP, so they are more often used for HD streaming etc. TCP ports work better on poor and slow connections. Does your box use WIFI or lan cable? I assume it is WIFI, try to connect through LAN cable and note the difference. There are many factors which can affect WIFI connectivity and it is not easy to guess what is it, connecting through LAN will give you at least some answers. The initial waiting time for perfect stream can be caused by buffering as well. I hope that helps, let me know how it goes.

  4. Darran

    Thanks for the guide. Spent a while trying to set up vpn on Zgemma, then found this which is clear and works well. Have you found any ways of having the option to change the server (easily) as opposed to configuring for 1 particular server only. Reason for asking is I’m finding that at certain times my Zgemma is buffering and slow because the Nord server I set up is overloaded. No problem on android because it has quick connect algorithms. Cheers

  5. Erik

    I use a dreambox 900UHD with oe2.5 with gemini 3.3 and geminivpn app.
    I made the files just like above conform manual, but how do i use the client.conf file within the geminivpn app. I just don’t know how to link it.
    Kind regards

    1. satfan Post author

      Hi Erik,
      This tutorial is focused on OpenVPN client, you should have it on your box, FTP to your box and upload both files to etc/openvpn. If the folder was there it means your enigma already has it installed. I haven’t tested this set up on geminivpn app, so can’t help with that, but you should be good to go with OpenVPN

    1. satfan Post author

      Hi Fran,
      No, you don’t need crt file to make it work.

    1. satfan Post author

      OpenVPN should already be installed in your box, but if it isn’t you can try this command on telnet:
      opkg install openvpn


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